Hot Milk is a Time Out award winning brunch stop & coffee shop. Inspired by our time working & eating our way through Los Angeles. We are based in Bounds Green, London.

We ate a lot of brunch when we lived in LA (two years working for semi successful / failed startups but that's another story). Almost every day we hit Flake for a veggie rad, the Taco Truck on Rose Avenue for carnitas, The Koji truck on Abbot Kinney, GTA for Pizza and sprout salads, K-town, downtown, wherever we could find good places to eat. Two years & two children later we realised a dream to bring a little bit of that Californian all day sunshine feeling back to London. Come in for coffee, local beer, tacos, bagels, Netflix recommendations and general chit chat about all of the above.



This is us


these are our SUPPLIERS



We have our bacon delivered every week by Hugo who produces his amazing sausages, charcuterie and bacon less than 5 minutes walk from our door. Hugo uses Gloucester Old Spot Loin that is cured in a coriander and tellicherry pepper, smothered in black molasses and then left to mature for a week in a dry curing chamber. AKA it’s bloody delicious.



We get our sourdough, bagels and breads from Spence Bakery.. All their bread is made from scratch using a cold bulk fermentation process with the dough’s maturing for an average of 18-24 hours. Delivered fresh every morning from Stoke Newington.


Lambton & Jackson

Darcy Lambton and Sean Jackson love beautifully smoked seafood. So in 2014 they put that passion into the creation of a highly specialised smokehouse. The unique taste of their Maldon cured salmon owes much to the dry salting process and the exquisite blend of oak and beech. Maldon Cure is an ideal way to enjoy proper artisanal smoked salmon.



We love our eggs. Delivered straight from the farm in the New Forest to our door every week. Big love from Bounds Green to Ben at @fluffetts and his amazing free range eggs!


Our Coffee

We are as passionate about our coffee as we are our food. About a year ago we decided to start micro roasting coffee in store using a computer controlled, convection air coffee roaster. The tech geeks in us were too excited to let this opportunity pass. Now we roast daily and are very proud to do so.

Our house blend is a single estate Arabica coffee blended and roasted to a delicate medium roast which achieves a well balanced coffee - 50 / 50 Honduran and Kenyan and it makes for a smooth chocolatey cherry espresso. Perfect with milk or on it’s own.

You can take home your own Bounds Green roast.

1 Maidstone Road
London, England, N11 2TR

M 7a–4p
T 7a–4p
W 7a–4p
Th 7a–4p
F 7a–4p
S 8.30a–4p
Su 9.30a–3p



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